Past Updates

When you just got to know

Saturday, September 14, 2002: I've been going through quite a lot lately, many changes in my life. Some good, some bad. I've put up a couple new features including a guestbook, please sign it! As well as a poll that I hope you will check out and vote! Christmas gift commissions are available starting now, if you are planning a special gift, make sure it gets finished in time, with quality! Please E-mail me if you are interested! Below my oekaki board in the artwork section, is now all my oekaki work that I have drawn all over the web. It is in the adult section, as is appropriate. Feel free to try out my drawing board, it's great fun to try!

Friday August 23, 2002: Things have been very hectic what with visiting my family and selling jewelwry and handmade goods at the local markets. I heard AnthroCon wasn't too good for the artists this year. So I am somewhat dissapointed, but oh well, it could have been worse. I am working on updates whenever I can fit them in, you can be sure of that! I have tons of new art to get uploaded into the galleries. I also think a discussion board for furry erotica might be a nifty thing to install. E-mail me if you agree that this is a good idea. :)

July 28, 2002: Finally have my tattoo designs and tribal art prints page up, it's great, go see it! Heard that AC was pretty bad for the artists, with even very famous artists having dismal sales. Oh well...there's always next year.! I want to put up a page about my cats, because they are super cats. Really! I'm adding it onto my ever growing"To Do" list.

Update July 8, 2002: Time for AnthroCon! Just wish I could actually attend, but I simply haven't the finances. Luckily a couple of good friends, Kada-Ru and White Shepherd are taking the time and effort to represent me at AC. I can't thank them enough for a chance to show my art to a greater audience! As to my website, I'm currently working on a section for my hand-made jewelry, tattoo designs and tribal artwork, glass etchings, beadwork, and the vast amount of artwork I create that doesn't involve pencil to paper. Also coming soon is the Legend of the Dracat section where one can learn all about the mythos and mystery of the elusive Dracat species. (Yes, I know I'm not that elusive, but I'm the exception.) Add ontop of that my working on designing a site with a more cohesive overall look...(and I really think I'm going to have to create a site index soon) and you have one busy Dragon Kitty. Oh yes, and before I forget, I want to open a page on my own kitties, I have a new kitten, she's sitting on my shoulder right now. Not to mention the oddness that is Fez, my other cat. So, expect many changes, additions and rampant workaholic syndrome coming soon!

Update June 25, 2002: Went to a pow wow on Saturday, finally got a dreamcatcher I really wanted. I didn't want some cheap factory manufactured piece, but made by real hands using real materials. Been thinking a lot on spirituality lately, and I don't know why. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings I can't really express, even to myself. That's all for now, it's barely 9:30 in the morning and even with the fan on full pointed straight at me, I'm frying. Not to mention my schizophrenic neighbor is currently singing off key at the top of his lungs, yet again. Sounding like a dying animal, truly it's horrible.

Update May 15, 2002: For the first time, I will have an agent to represent my artwork at Anthrocon in July. I will have 15 pieces in the tame section and 15 pieces in the adult section. I'm very busy right now trying to get everything finished in time. I know now that because of time constraints most of my work that will be shown will be older stuff from up to a year ago. There is no helping that, I only wish I could show my most current, as that is always what I feel is my best work. I am currently working on getting more artwork up in the artwork section, in fact I am going to revamp it completely. I will note in the next update when it is up and running.



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