Welcome to DarkSilver's Tattoo Design, and thank you for coming!

I find myself inspired by a variety of influences all around me, when it comes to setting ink to paper. From Mythology to Inuit, Native American to Gothic. When I am feeling peaceful, I can sit down and "let go" enough to simply let my mind wander, without intent, and show me what's there. Sometimes it can be a struggle if I am not in a relaxed and content state when I draw. But that is very rare, I marvel at how I have never done this before, and yet it's so easy for my pen to glide and flow on the paper, making tribal art, abstract art, messages and symbols, that tell a story.

Each picture shown below leads to a page of tattoo designs I have drawn. There are ten tattoos on each page, they range from small, medium to large and special requests. Prices range according to size, beginning at $20.00 and going up from there. This is a unique opportunity to purchase a one-of-a-kind design. All my designs are exclusive, this means no one else will share the tattoo you buy, you won't ever see it on someone else! You can have a personal tattoo with meaning for yourself, not some tattoo being sold in every major tattoo shop.

E-mail Me!E-mail me to place an order! Make sure to include the name and price of the tattoo.

More designs to come.

Tattoo #1

You can also so find prints for sale to decorate your home, available un-matted in two sizes: 8x11 inches art print and 11x14 art print.




If you don't find the design you want here, I also do commissions! This means I will create a custom designed tattoo for you, all you have to do is tell me what you want, and what size you want it! I have found that those who have bought from me before are always happiest when they choose this option.

There is a watermark over each tattoo to guard against theft, yours will not have this mark, when you receive it. I can accept Paypal, international money orders, and well concealed U.S dollars. Unfortunately, I cannot accept checks. I will be updating this page regularly as more designs are made, and others are sold.

If your not familiar with purchasing individual tattoo designs from an artist, instead of mass produced commercial designs, please read on! First of all, I do not tattoo you myself! Nor is this a temporary tattoo! I just make the design that the tattoo artist will be putting on you. Many tattoo shops in your area will let you bring in your own design and can then ink it onto you. All you need, is the design! You could buy one from the tattoo shop, but it will be sold to many people, mine are sold only once. Always one of a kind and unique. :) Plus you can always ask for me to draw you a special custom design you have in mind. When a tattoo is bought, you can receive the tattoo design in two ways. One is I E-mail you a non-watermarked printable sized version, at the size you want it to be for your body. The other is I mail you the design on a card. Once a design is sold, it is marked as such. I researched prices and am giving you very reasonable low prices, because tattoo's are beautiful, artistic expression.

You have the choice of purchasing one tattoo, or several, there is no limit. If you do have one of my designs tattoo'd on your body, please send me a picture of it! I would love it and put it up on my site as well. Thank you!