DarkSilver's O.O.A.K's


Anthropomorphic OOAK's

My Foxy doll was my first and never sold. The cat girl cheetah was my second, and sold for $30. This is my skunkette doll, and my third attempt, and she sold for $60. Do I see a trend here? ^.^ Anyway, I lucked in to finding some key chains with long colored "tails" attached that were perfect for modifying for use as doll tails. I unfortunately only found two, one was black, and one was grey. I used the black one for the skunkette, after using fake fur for the white stripe. She has white fake fur on her chest ruff as well. She is wearing barbie clothes I purchased, and not clothes I made. I hand made her jewelry though, which includes a pretty beaded choker, anklet and bracelet. I have found a better way to keep paint from flaking off the vinyl, but it will never be perfect, and the less you move the doll joints, the better. For my next doll, I think I will try a wolf or coyote femme, since they grey tail I still have would work really well for that. I also plan to attempt using flocking one of these days, once I discover a good way to dye it.



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