Currently I'm hard at work getting ready for Anthrocon this July. No, unfortunately I won't be able to be there personally, but some of my artwork will! Thirty-two pieces in total, triple X to tame, more than 50% originals, and perhaps some prints as well.

Also, I'm working with a writer to create an erotic furry comic book, involving male domination by a dragonesse. Commissions are always coming and going, I'm working on a few currently. I'm also looking to take on a few more, to anyone interested.

I've begun work on my fourth anthro doll, this one is going to be a wolf or a coyote, she is still in the very early stages of creation! I am also working on hand made Jewelry whenever I can.


A list of publications my artwork has appeared in:

Untamed #6

Project: Taur #5

The Softer Side #1




An idea of doing a comic strip, the banner looks nice. That's as far as I got, when I realized as far as writing content, humor, etc. I can't write for squat. But hey, I can draw pretty! Perhaps someday I will find a writer who would like to collaborate on a cartoon strip with me! *blatant hint*




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