DarkSilver's O.O.A.K's


Anthropomorphic OOAK's

Foxy was my first attempt at making a custom doll, and I went all out on my first attempt! I used sculpey to mold her ears, muzzle, boobs and tail. I painted her whole body by hand, and painted her face. It was a definite learning experience and experiment. She isn't perfect, but she was my first creation, so, I'm proud of her. :)

What I learned from making this doll, was that certain paints do better than others. Some will just crack, peel and flake right off the vinyl. I have also since begun using the simple idea of roughing up the smooth vinyl surface with steel wool, or another similar abrasive, so that the paint takes better. A simple idea, but sometimes the simplest ideas are overlooked!





DarkSilver's Den and artwork © S.Despres