What is the Furry Female Artists Award? Well, simply put you just can't have enough awards out there celebrating females who pursue their artistic endeavors. This is a specific award for those specializing in anthropomorphic "furry" artwork and are of course of the female persuasion. If you, or someone you know, deserves to be awarded the F.F.A for being talented, furry, and fantastic, then please follow the instructions. This award is based on the honor system. Please only use it only in conjunction with the following HTML and do not change in any way. Please only award yourself, or others that truly are furry female artists. Thank you! I am hoping to make this a link-exchange as well, whichever page of your site has this award upon it, please send me the URL and I will list it here! The award will be changed every once in awhile, but you can choose from different past designs which are shown below on this page.



1. Copy the HTML fragment in the box below and that will show the award which will change periodically. Otherwise, in order to choose one of the past designs used, you need to change the name of the image file in the HTML fragment to reflect which design you choose to use. For example instead of the img src being ffa.jpg you would change it to ffa1.jpg or ffa2.jpg etc.

2. Paste it into your website, wherever you want the award to show up.

3. Make certain the link is working properly, so others can find this award if they wish to.

4. Email me the URL where the award is shown so I can add your site.

Click Here to E-mail me.

5. That's it! I will list your site here on this page once I have the proper address.


<a><td><a href="http://darksilver.wereanimal.net/ffa.htm"><img src="http://darksilver.wereanimal.net/ffa.jpg" alt="Furry Female Artists Award" border="0"></a></td>



Proud Female furry artists who have the Award:


B a k a N e k o A r t


Kenuky's Farm!


Zayra's Cyber Space





Past F.F.A.A. Designs



Artists and fans alike, come to Furtropolis, the furry erotic artwork discussion board. Post work for others to see and review, or check out someone elses creation!

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The Furry Female Artist Award or F.F.A © S.Despres and is freely distributable as long as it is not changed in any way.

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