Welcome to my commissions page, thanks for stopping by!

I'm looking for commissions and projects, others to work with and zines to contribute. Don't be afraid to contact me, I'm quite friendly! :). I don't overload myself until I'm years behind, or even six months. I pride myself on being one of the quickest providers of quality commissioned artwork. You can expect two to three months to be the absolute maximum you will wait, and even then, it would be quite the exception.

Now onto the specifics! My main method of creating a piece of artwork for a client is by beginning with a rough sketch or two in pencil, which is modified as the client requests, until they are satisfied that it is what they want. Then I ink it, once I'm given the go ahead. At that point, I scan the work in and begin digital coloring, or hand-color depending. Working with the client until they are happy with it, and it is then finished. Then they receive all roughs, the ink work, and the 1st digital full size print. It's general policy that the printing rights remain mine, and I can sell prints of the artwork, unless the client and I negotiated them purchasing the distribution of the piece.

I can work in various other mediums also, I have created work using just pencil, or ink for a client, or mixed media, which could be a combination of both, or include pencil crayon and marker as well. On rare occassions I use watercolors to paint with. The size I work on is normally 9x11 or 11x14 unless I get a special request for a smaller, or larger size. I have also been commissioned to do etched glass work, metal and beaded jewelry, OOAK dolls, tattoo designs, web graphics and banners, and really a large variety. I'm flexible, have fun with it!

I mainly draw furries, but also do some anime, comic, fantasy, tribal and tattoo designs to name a few. Erotica to tame work, I have a very broad range. You can find samples of my work all over this site, so you'll know exactly what my style is, and what appeals to you, since everyone is different.


Artwork Commission Prices

FREE choices:

In all auctions, your choice of digital colorization and optimal printing on heavy cardstock, or hand-colored using any of the following combination of mixed media:

Pencil, Prismacolor pencil crayons, Prismacolor marker, India Ink, Gel pens, metallic paints, acrylic, watercolor, beading, glass etching, magnets, stuffed animals, jewelwryhand-made dolls, polymer clay, and much more! Just ask. =^.^=


  • 9x11 intricate and nicely shaded pencil piece=$10.00 US
  • 9x11 complex and prettily inked piece=$15.00 US
  • 9x11 full color commission digitally colored 1st print,up to three characters and a simple background, including roughs and original inked piece=$50 to $80 US depending on complexity. (11x14 add $10 for extra work) or if either size piece is hand-colored by prismacolor markers and/or pencil crayons add $10, because it takes longer and requires more labor and materials.
  • 9x11 full color commission digitally colored 1st print, including roughs and original inked piece, with more than three characters and one heck of a nice background=$50 to $150 US negotiable and depending on complexity. (11x14 size add $10 US for extra work) or if piece is hand-colored by prismacolor markers and/or pencil crayons add $10 US to any size piece, because it takes longer and requires more labor and materials.
  • Custom [furry or non] dolls range from the beginning range of $30 US to $100 US and up.
  • Logo's. T-shirt designs, custom MLP's, ponies, jewelry, spirit stones and other projects prices vary depending on complexity and expense of materials used.
  • Shipping and handling usually ranges from $3.00 US to $10.00 US depending on weight of package shipped. I do combine S&H for multiple buys!
  • Iin the end, I want the buyer to be happy and satisfied! So feel assured you can expect quality and honesty.

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Important things to remember:

  1. If you receive an original, or even a print, it's illegal to copy it and sell it!
  2. If you pay extra for me not to distribute the piece, this means I never sell, print, or post the work anywhere.
  3. No matter what, you can always E-mail me if your unsure of something, or need more information!
  4. I will always retain the copyrights of all pieces I make, because..well, I'm the artist, and that's the way it works.

All artwork in the galleries, catalog, commissions, art project and text is copyright ©Sara Despres 2001 [Excludes some graphics shown on the web pages]