Thanks to all those who participated in the poll, it may take a long time, but things will get rolling when I can scrape together the time. ;)

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Welcome to DarkSilver's Den, my little niche on the web. I'm known as DarkSilver to some in the fandom, and I am an artist. You can commission me if you like, and I also have prints and original work for sale. Take a look around, enjoy your stay, and please do come again. Feel free to E-mail if you have any comments or concerns, thank you!

Sunday Dec. 01, 2002: I've finally gotten around to doing some updating with my site, I can't believe how huge it's gotten! I've been helping friends out with theirs as well. My wrist is currently out of commission, so I'm spending time working on other things. I've been scanning in older work I never got around to coloring. The coloring could be better, but considering I'm using a mouse with my left hand, I'm doing all I can manage. 21000 hits! Incredible! I'm planning to make a nice piece of art for my fans and to thank them. :)

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